Below you will find some music samples recorded during either a rehearsal or at a live performance. None of the samples are as a result of studio recordings. Each one is approximately 30 seconds long. Just click on the play link to listen.

Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl
Pulp Disco 2000
Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls of Fire
Los Lobos La Bamba
Wilson Picket Midnight Hour

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    1. Hi Kathryn
      I hope I have already replied to your enquiry, but please find details of what we offer below. I hope we can be of help.
      We turn up at a convenient time for your arrangements, often this is at around 6.30. We take around an hour to set up and sound check.
      Again, timings for playing are flexible, but we have noticed that people really respond well after around 9.30.
      We play party dance music of all types for all ages, (two sets of 45 minutes to an hour each.) We can provide background music on an iPod (or plug your music into our pa) for early evening and between sets, though many people also book a dj.
      There are 5 members of the band, Steve on keyboards, Steve on drums, Nick on guitar, Becky on Sax, and me, Paul on vocals. We charge £500.

      Again , I hope we can help, Paul.

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